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Ambassador Bartolomea Atherton and her nephew August. Los Angeles, believed to be somewhere in the early 21st century.

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The Tiime Defenders mission is to use their resources and technology to protect world history from those who would change it to suit some nefarious purpose.

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The Time Defenders, a.k.a. Time Defenders, are regarded as fictional characters in the fantasy/science fiction genre, whose literary origins and current legal status are the subject of controversy. Multiple accounts exist, but the following article summarizes the best documented and most verifiable accounts.

The Time Defenders was a series of novels, some of which were published and some not, featuring a group of protagonists involved in a series of fantastical adventures, often involving real historical figures (for example, Julius Caesar, Abraham Lincoln, etc. as well as lesser known individuals) and thinly-veiled representations of true historical events and people.
Most versions of the novels involve two main characters. One is an elderly woman called Ambassador Bartolomea Plantagenet Atherton, or “Mrs. A” for short; whose frail appearance belies her formidable athletic ability and prowess with weapons, as well as a store of arcane knowledge and little-known technology. She is assisted on her adventures by a grand-nephew, Professor Augustus Atherton, or “August”, who acts as her bodyguard and sidekick in the manner of a Dr. Watson.

Among the strange lore associated with the “Time Defenders” phenomenon and the life of its little known author, T.C. Nance, can be found a school of thought that believes the characters are real people, or at least partially inspired by real-life time travellers from an earlier time, and that the time-travel technology (although the accounts in the novel are always held to be greatly exaggerated, or outright fictions) actually exists, or existed at some point in time and is currently kept under secrecy. Various pieces of evidence exist, of varying but mostly very poor quality. The most compelling of these pieces is a bit of film shot in 1928 as promotional material for the Charlie Chaplin film “The Circus”, and widely available in DVD format, and which was widely circulated and discussed in the fall of 2010. Widely known as the “Zapruder Film” of Time Travel theorists, the film, roughly five seconds in length, purports to capture a figure, possibly “Mrs. A” or some analog, in the process of using technology that was unavailable in 1928. The veracity of the claims has yet to be conclusively proven; and it should be noted that the film itself has defied all efforts at debunkment or explanation.

The Time Defenders novels and their subsequent permutations as TV scripts, film screenplays, comic strips, and even radio plays, few of which ever saw the light of day, but which exist in various forms in the hands of collectors and self-styled artists, fall squarely in the science fiction/ fantasy realm, and are often cited as progenitors of the modern sub-genre called “steam punk”.

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